September 24 2009


  • Tegrity agreement was reviewed and signed by legal.
  • Legal was notified of the pilot
    • Students must be notified of the class being recorded.
  • Classroom computers have the Tegrity client installed
  • Faculty personal computers have Tegrity client installed
  • Open Classroom Policy Series (Thursday nights)
    • 2 of 3 successful
    • 1 failed due to workstation problem
  • 9 out 23 successful Tegrity recordings
    • 2 could not install client
    • 4 recorded without audio
    • 3 recordings stopped mid-class
    • 2 recordings could be done due to broken computer
    • 1 recording could not be done because of inadequate hardware in the classroom
    • 1 lost wireless connection
    • 1 is still waiting on Tegrity upload
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