October 18 2009


The following statistics are related to the athlete’s recordings, only.

  • There are 4 courses in Bouvé that are recording all of their lectures and making them available to all of their students.
  • Urban Studies Open Classroom Policy series are successfully recording each Thursday lecture.
  • 2 Lecturers in COE are not in these statistics either.
  • 2 faculty members are using Tegrity to create electronic content – not record their lecture.
  • Flip Camera Recordings
    • Week of October 5 - 7 recordings
    • Week of October 12 - 6 recordings
  • Tegrity Recordings
    • Week of October 5
      • 17 recordings attempted
      • 12 successful
      • 2 are pending uploads
      • 3 unsuccessful (technical reasons)
      • 2 unsuccessful for microphone issues (didn’t use properly)
    • Week of October 12
      • 13 recordings attempted
        • 10 successful
        • 1 is pending upload
        • 2 unsuccessful for technical reasons
      • There were a few other recording opportunities that were lost due to faculty not remembering their computer or not having a computer available.
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