Instructions to participating faculty

Thank you for participating in the lecture capture pilot for our athletes who cannot attend your classes.

To access your Tegrity lectures and download the recorder

If you are using the instructor stations in you class and have not contacted me, please send me a message regarding availability for install and training.

If you are using your laptop to record lectures, I have attached instructions for download and recording. If you need any help with installing the recorder or some additional training, please send me a message.

Please feel free to install on your home/personal machines to at home to become more familiar with Tegrity and how it works.

Whether you are using the instructor station in your classroom or your laptop, you will need a microphone. We have both wireless and wired microphones available. Please contact us if you do not have a microphone.

To see how your lectures are presented.

Thank you again for participating!

Other Faculty Information

Dear Faculty,

First, I want to thank you for partnering with Athletics and Information Services in this pilot of lecture recording. It is our desire that your experience will be a good one. There’s been a lot of work done in a very short time to make this happen. By now, you have received installation instructions, your username, and your Tegrity password from Stephanie. Feel free to contact either one of us if you need further assistance or information.

I need to bring to your attention to some “housekeeping” items as we move forward. Please read through them carefully because they are very important.
1. It is state law that students are notified that the class will be recorded. Because this is a pilot, there is no expectation of such from the students. So, please make sure that you let them know. If the institution decides to invest in such technology, we will probably follow other institutions lead and notify them at the beginning of their matriculation, school year, or semester. I recommend that you start the recording and then make the announcement. Fred Wiseman has put together some suggested text (see below).
2. Because this is a pilot, support is very limited. If you have difficulty in the classroom, please DO NOT contact the help desk. If something doesn’t work, then abandon the effort and some time after the class, send an email to the following address – ude.uen|erutpacerutcel#ude.uen|erutpacerutcel and let us know you had trouble. We’ll follow up with you. Again, if we invest in this technology, we have full support.
3. There should be no expectation of the recorded content being available past this semester. If you want an audio or audio/video copy, we can help you retain a copy anytime during the semester.
4. At the end of the semester, we will be asking you to take a few minutes to rate your experience.
5. We have imported all of your students into the system. If you elect to provide all of them access (some already have), we can send a file with their usernames and passwords for you to distribute. Also, if a student complains about not having access, at your discretion, this can easily be arranged. The manual distribution of usernames and passwords is only because this is a pilot. If it was production, it would be tied to Blackboard.
6. Finally, for those that want all of their students to have access, there’s plenty of online help to assist your students. Nevertheless, we are willing to come to your class and spend a few minutes going over the environment with your students.

The student-athletes especially will find having access to these recordings extremely valuable. For those of you that have chosen to allow all of your students access the recordings, you will find that Tegrity is a feature rich environment that can assist your students in reviewing and retaining important information.

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