Project Participants

Project Team

  • Lauren DeSantis
  • Coleen Pantolone
  • Fred Wiseman
  • Stephanie Trowbridge

Participating Faculty

Tegrity Recordings Flip Camera
Alan Klein Fred Wiseman
Ann Golub-Victor Coleen Pantalone
Brandon Welsh Marjorie Platt
Jack Levin Ronald Whitfield
Christopher Bruell Karthik Krishnan
Jean McMillan Lang Rajiv Shridhar
Casey Golomski Tunde Kovacs
Walter Forrest Eliot Sherman
John Sarvey/Barry Bluestone Robert Parsons
Lorna Hayward Cheryl Mitteness
Margarita DiVall Fleura Bardhi
Mary Annas Robert Young
Natasha Frost Paulette McCarty
Ralph Loring Wes Marple
Saeqa Vrtilek Richard Kessner
Thomas Nakayama Carl Nelson
Ann Golub-Victor Mohamed Habibullah
Christine McCarthy Clark
Christopher Bruell
George Atkinson
Christopher Toher
Denise Horn
Norman Boisse
Ben Uydea
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