Lecture Capture Pilot Scope

At The End of Fall Semester 2009, We Completed the Lecture Capture Pilot. Tegrity was funded to record lectures for student-athletes. A formal project will be established to determine operations, support, appropriate tools, classroom architecture, etc.

Because the Law School is using Echo360 as their lecture capture system, the University will pilot Echo360 in key areas. Faculty and locations are being identified.


Pilot lecture capture for student-athletes that cannot attend class due to out of town game schedules. The pilot also includes a select group of faculty from Bouvé. Two technologies are used in the pilot; Tegrity Lecture Capture System and Flip Cameras.

  • Record lectures of participating faculty for student-athletes who miss class due to game schedule. Tools used are:
    • Tegrity, automatic recording and distribution with approximately 26 faculty.
    • Flip cameras for manual recording
  • Flip recording has a large number of faculty participating and presently there are over 50 classes scheduled to be recorded during the semester. These will be in courses in which a student-athlete is currently scheduled to miss 4 or more class sessions during the semester.
  • Record lectures, using Tegrity, for 3 courses in Bouvé.
    • Record all lectures with recordings being available to all of the students in these courses.
  • Record lectures, using Tegrity, for the Open Classroom Policy Series and make available to the public.
  • Other lectures series for Urban Studies that are setup for recording:
    • Dukakis seminar
    • International Affairs lecture series
  • Tegrity test Snell Library presentations
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