Issues & Risks
Technical and Non-Technical Issue Flag for Escalation
Classroom computers have a system policy that blocks the recording Fixed
A few faculty computers can’t install or run application A couple faculty systems continue to have trouble
Known Risks Flag for Escalation
Not enough microphones to distribute Fixed for this semester
If the pilot becomes a standard offering, audio support (i.e. support and funding for microphones in the classrooms) will need to be evaluated.

Long-Term Risks

  • For faculty that do not mind their classes are recorded but don not want to mess with any technology, Tegrity (along with other similar solutions) has the ability to schedule the recording. HOWEVER, the primary issue, for this scenario, is having audio setup in each classroom that will pick up the lecture. This means permanent installation of microphones. Centralized funding would need to be provided.
  • Faculty that are willing to be recorded and are willing connect their own microphone and start and stop the recording – the only risk is having available microphones for these faculty. No permanent installation – funding responsibility will probably be the program, school, or college.
  • Faculty that want to record their notes must use a tablet that can be portable or a permanent solution called a Sympodium. This is not a good solution for classes that use multiple boards. Again, funding need to be provided.
  • Cameras to record the board or the faces of the faculty are optional, not necessary or recommended.
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