There are buttons at the bottom for adding files, page editing, printing, and discussion forums.


The Edit button allow you to edit the page you are looking at. Each page has various options for formatting. For a detailed explanation, click here.

Adding Files

The Files button allows you to add Word, Excel, PDF, and other types of files to THAT page. Files that have general topics can be added to the Home page. Files that pertain to a particular topic (a separate Wiki page), should be uploaded to those pages.

Discussion Forum

The Discussion button takes you to the discussion forum for THAT page. There can be multiple threads for each page.

For example:
A discussion on Meeting Minutes, there can be multiple discussion threads; 1) Action items 2) Decisions

Creating New Pages

To create a new page, go to the side bar and type in the page name in the white box and click on New Page
To create a new page and put the link into the existing page, first click on Edit of the document you want to add the page link and then type three left brackets followed by the name of the page and then three right brackets.

For example:

[[[testpage | This is my test page]]]
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