Funding & Finances

Funding Required to Continue in Spring

  • ~$25K for licensing
  • Audio support for classrooms is not standard part of classroom technology. Additional microphones will need to be purchased to support expanded use.
  • Costs do not consider personnel costs associated with supporting more significant technology in the classroom.

Pilot Funding

  • This pilot has no budget and was not officially funded.
  • Tegrity, Inc. provided licenses, server, and storage for free.
  • Microphones were purchased out of departmental funds and by the Provost Office

Total Spent to Date: ~$6,700

Funding to continue using Tegrity for the student-athletes has been acquired. The following areas contributed:

  • College of Business Administration
    • Thomas Moore, Dean
    • Bill Crittendon, Associate Dean
  • Department of Athletics
    • Peter Roby, Athletic Director
    • Lauren DeSantis, Director-Student Athletic Support Services
  • Enrollment & Student Life
    • Philomena V Mantella, Senior Vice President
  • Undergraduate & Cooperative Education
    • Susan Powers-Lee, Vice Provost
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